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Learn how to Brew Beer at Home

With homebrewing we mean the art of making beer at home, a particular hobby as it is fascinating that for some years now winning more and more people. Why one should begin making beer from home ? Simple, to the priceless satisfaction of drinking his beer and then because with a small fee you can start brewing with very interesting results from the first trial. Producing beer at home is therefore possible, economic and legal, of course when produced without commercial purposes. Basically there are three methods of production , the most simple, which is usually the launching of each Homebrewers, it is the system of hoppy Kit. With this method, your beer is almost ready and the only thing for you to do is to dilute it in water and let to ferment. One technique that does not allow much to characterize their own beer, but if the kits are good you will get craft beers fairly good, certainly higher than some low-quality industrial beers. Starting with the kit also offers the opportunity to gain experience with the equipment hombrewing and begin to know the stage of the must fermentation.

The second method for producing beer in the house, that we can define intermediate, is that of extract + grains. For this system uses a non-hopped malt extract, yeast, hops, and relatively small amounts of special grains, ie types of grains which have not so much the function of constituting fermentable material as those to contribute to the flavor and color of the beer. Unlike the kit, you can get beers of a certain quality level and can vary greatly the types of ingredients thus obtaining personalized recipes. For this method, however, it requires a higher gear and a little ‘more experience, but the results and the rewards will start showing up.

If all this is not enough and you want to feel completely architect of your beloved beer, are you ready for the third method: that of ‘All Grain (also called AG). This process reproduces 100% house equipment with the work done in a professional brewery, where the extract of malt is completely replaced malt in grain form, just as the name says All Grain. Unlike the first two methods the brewer will have to prepare the wort from the grain by extracting the sugars necessary for fermentation. This method requires some expertise as well as a lot of passion, a proper equipment and leisure (the process of making a beer with this method lasts an average of eight hours). Nowadays in many western countries there are many homebrewers scattered around t with whom you can share this passion.On-line can be found a lot of information: guides, forums and newsgroups ensure continued support for those who wish to go deeper with beer production.